3 Things for Thursday: She Probably Won’t Learn About These Things in School


We’re all about creating learning opportunities for our Girl Scouts. We want to make sure they have the right tools to succeed. So, we’ve put together a few workshops for the young ladies within our council to prepare them as they progress forward in life and seek to shoulder more responsibilities.

  1. Retail 101: Learn what goes on behind the scenes at our retail store at the Oakdale Mall. This one hour class will show you how it all works: ordering and marking merchandise, stocking shelves, arranging displays, ringing a sale, and handling customer service.

You will get to have hands-on experience and meet with staff.

Even better, participating girls will receive an “It’s all about the business patch” and a 25% coupon to shop the store.

Register for this program (2/16)

  1. Talk Saves Lives: Learn the risk factors and warning signs, how to talk directly with a person at risk, how to connect him/her with a mental health professional, and to dispel myths surrounding suicide and what we’ve learned from scientific research.

Register for this program (3/22)

  1. Safe Dating Workshop: It’s time to raise awareness. The National and NYS Youth Risk Behavior Survey and other data indicate increasing trends in adolescent dating abuse. This program is indented to help raise awareness of the issue and equip teens with the skills and resources they need to have healthy relationships. Girl Scouts wants her to be able to recognize toxic situations in her own life, as well as other’s. We will also be working on positive communication and conflict resolution.Register for this program (2/22)

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