Troop Tuesday: Meet the Girl Scout Basketball Team Out of Little Falls













It’s amazing to see what kinds of bonds can be made through the Girl Scout program. For these girls, they are more than just troop 20480–they are also an entire basketball team. Yes, this 4th grade basketball team in Little Falls is made up entirely of Girl Scouts!

“These girls are just great. They all want to be together,” troop leader Ashley Morrill told us. “We have a couple of girls that you can tell probably come from basketball families and the rest just wanted to join with them for fun! Every week they had a new Girl Scout join the team after hearing the others were doing it and having fun.”

“Last year the 3rd grade basketball team only had 6 girls,” Ashley said. “This year they jumped  to 13 girls, all a part of troop 20480. They all also did softball together.”

It’s great to see girls encouraging girls to participate and do new and exciting things together.

We want to know what our Girl Scouts are up to. Email photos and a short description to Jaime Alvarez @

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