Celebrate Girl Scout Week Like A G.I.R.L.

Celebrate Girl Scout Week Like A G.I.R.L.

It’s great to be a Girl Scout! To celebrate being a part of this amazing and empowering organization, Girl Scouts get a whole week to be recognized on a national scale!

Girl Scout Week starts this Sunday, March 12 and runs through Saturday March 18.

In the past, troops and service units have come up with their own activities or used activities from other councils to participate. This year, Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways has taken the lead on some simple, easy to accomplish activities for each day during Girl Scout Week!

We’d love for our troops and individual scouts to post pictures or videos to social media using the hashtags #NYPENNGSW17 and #GirlScoutWeek, so that we can see the wonderful things you are doing to celebrate – from singing your favorite camp songs at the top of your lungs, to hosting a bash for the Girl Scout’s 105th birthday (who doesn’t love an excuse to eat cake?)!

GS Week PatchEveryone who posts using these hashtags will be entered into a raffle for the Girl Scout Week fun patch. We’ll award patches to three individuals. One grand prize winner will win patches for her whole troop! These colorful patches are also available for purchase in all boutiques for those who participate in any or all of the Girl Scout Week activities described.

The Girl Scout Week webpage also includes a printable version of daily activities and the Girl Scout Sunday flyer.

Thanks for all that YOU do to make being in Girl Scouts the best experience ever! Have fun celebrating Girl Scout Week 2017!

Time To Get Your Cookie Game On!

Time To Get Your Cookie Game On!

Y94 and iHeartRadio want to help Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways and our troops sell even more cookies with Y94’s Cookie Crumble!

Spread the news and get EVERYONE you know to nominate YOUR troop for a chance to set up a booth and sell cookies at a special event with Y94 morning show host Pat McMahon in the Canyon at Destiny USA later this month!

Nominate Your Troop
Now through Sunday, March 12 at 7 p.m.
Required information: Troop Number, Leader Name, Leader Phone #
Top 8 NYPENN troops will advance

Y94 host Pat McMahon will reveal the top 8 troops during his morning show on Monday, March 13!

Then Vote to Advance the Top 4 Troops!
March 13 at 10 a.m. – Sunday, March 19 at 7 p.m.

Top 4 troops will join Y94 at Destiny USA on March 25 or 26 to sell even more cookies! (cookies provided by council)

While you’re at it…
Y94 is holding another contest to vote for your favorite type of Girl Scout Cookie! Vote and you’ll be registered to win a CASE of every variety of Girl Scout Cookie available through our council. Vote for your favorite cookie!

Share this information and our social media posts regarding the contest with all of your friends and family! Be sure to follow NYPENN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Many thanks to our friends at Y94 and iHeartRadio for helping Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways make 2017 the BEST COOKIE SEASON EVER!




Troop Tuesday: Girl Scout Engineers In-Training

Above Girl Scouts from Troop 60351 sift through parts during their day at Clarkson University, where the girls enjoyed a tech-filled day of collaborating and building robots.

We want to know what our Girl Scouts are up to. Email photos and a short description to Jaime Alvarez @ jalvarez@gsnypenn.org.

Troop Tuesday: North Star Girl Scouts Dance Away Valentine’s Day Weekend

Over the weekend, 70 girl participated in a Valentine’s Day Dance. Marcia Oney wrote in to tell us North Star consisting of Raquette Valley, International Rapids, Picquet, Oswegatchie, and Nikinsiaki Service Units were in attendance from Daises to Senior-level Girl Scouts at the Community Building in Madrid. Lastly, she told us, “The DJ, Jody Tosti did a great job and the girls had a great time.”

We want to know what our Girl Scouts are up to. Email photos and a short description to Jaime Alvarez @ jalvarez@gsnypenn.org.

3 Ways Girls of Vision & Grit Can Excel


There are plenty of ways for girls to advance themselves in new ways and Girl Scouts is here to help her along the way. We believe in empowering girls through choice—following passions and exploring possibilities. So, this week we’re highlighting three amazing opportunities to help her in her life-long journey.

Summer Camp Employment: Maybe she went to came every year when she was younger, and now she has the opportunity to help run it! We are now hiring seasonal camp staff for the summer of 2017. We’re looking for mature, creative, enthusiastic teamplayers, who have a passion for the outdoors to help us make this year’s camp season the best it can be.

Check out the full list of job opportunities here.

Bonus opportunities: Girls who work hard to grow and learn may be interested in a few outside challenges and contests to show their innovative and disruptive minds. We have two opportunities for girls interested in science and computer science, which ask how they can wield these fields to tackle social issues and make a positive change.

Check out all available Bonus Opportunities

Citizen Preparedness Corps: How would you properly prepare for any disaster? We’re holding a 2-hour training course on March 7 at our New Hartford Service Center to show you how. Always be prepared.

Participants will also be encouraged to get more involved in existing community-based emergency activities that may be organized through local schools, businesses or community-based organizations.

Sign up for this free program

Troop Tuesday: A Lost Story of Christmas Giving

We received so many stories of good will over the holidays that one actually got lost in our inbox! We wanted to make sure to tell everyone about Brownie Troop 40514.

They took time over the holidays to deliver thank you baskets on Christmas Eve to local police and fire stations, as well as Hospitals in Broome and Tioga County.


We want to know what our Girl Scouts are up to. Email photos and a short description to Jaime Alvarez @ jalvarez@gsnypenn.org.

Want Stronger Community Leaders Tomorrow? Invest In Girls Today


What is the mark of a strong leader?

Is it the ability to inspire, and transform? The ability think strategically and possess a peerless view of the future?  The ability to calm, listen and unite during challenging times? Ample reserves of confidence, integrity, fearlessness and grit? These are all important qualities to consider when assessing one’s capacity for leadership.

One factor that should not be in consideration? The gender of the leader.

Regardless of political affiliation, many have expressed frustration over the seeming dearth of strong, capable leaders in our country, and the world at large. This watershed moment in our nation’s history presents a remarkable opportunity. The perceived leadership void that currently exists is actually paving the way for the next generation of visionaries prepared to boldly assume the mantle of leadership. We must unite in the quest to expand leadership development for girls and young women—across race, class, and beyond. Indeed, providing ever more girls with comprehensive, relevant leadership development opportunities will prove crucial to the vibrancy of tomorrow.

At Girl Scouts, we understand that before we can effectively address the leadership crisis for girls, we must first connect with under-served and underrepresented girls in a relevant and authentic way, one that speaks to acknowledging—and overcoming—their adversity.  To cite just a few sobering statistics, according to The State of Girls, a recent report released by the Girl Scout Research Institute, in 2015, 19 percent of girls ages 5 to 17 lived in poverty, compared to 17 percent in 2007. And in 2015, a higher proportion of high school girls seriously considered suicide (23%), compared with girls in 2007 (19%). And with 2017 off to a bit of a precarious start on all fronts, the effect on girls and their overall health, happiness, and achievement has hardly improved. It’s understandable that when you’re mired in despair, it can color your worldview, leaving you disillusioned about the extent of your own potential.

The greater truth is this: We cannot hope to flourish as a society by dismissing the promise represented in half of our population. We see talented women who contribute their intelligence, passion, and expertise across the spectrum—and we need more. Girls represent a vital, underutilized and untapped resource of remarkable potential that can―and must―be harnessed to the full benefit of humanity.

At the Girl Scouts of NYPENN, we understand that before we can effectively address the leadership crisis for girls, we must first connect with those who are underserved and underrepresented in a relevant and authentic way, that speaks to acknowledging—and overcoming—their adversity. Conclusively, statistics show that wherever girls are thriving in the United States, the Girl Scout Movement is strong and impactful.  Our comprehensive programming instills the integral skills that ensure girls are well-equipped to navigate interpersonal and professional arenas. And we approach this responsibility with the dedication it deserves, offering girls a foundation for leadership development through our STEM and leadership training initiatives

In short, we’re on the cusp of ushering in a leadership renaissance for girls, nurturing and elevating the next generation of female leaders who will leave an indelible imprint on our nation and our world. And when you really contemplate what that means for the health of our global society, it’s staggering.

We need society at large to invest in girls—in a greater, more sustained capacity. And for a movement to reach the height of its impact, it must embrace allies outside the fold.  We need our brethren-in-arms, our male counterparts who offer their unwavering support—in deeds and donations—and are integral to sustaining our cause for the long haul.

Now as an organization, we sincerely appreciate all of the ongoing support through the purchase of our delicious and iconic Girl Scout Cookies.  However, those sales represent a mere fraction of the funding needed to provide the kind of in-depth, nurturing and proven programming our girls need to grow and thrive.  We all can demonstrate our personal and organizational leadership by making an impact today and investing in our future.

Your investment now is the fuel that propels our girls towards leadership greatness tomorrow.

Ultimately, the leadership gap in America is not a girls’ issue or a women’s issue―it’s our issue.

You can help invest in girls by joining our Family Partnership Program