3 Ways Girls of Vision & Grit Can Excel


There are plenty of ways for girls to advance themselves in new ways and Girl Scouts is here to help her along the way. We believe in empowering girls through choice—following passions and exploring possibilities. So, this week we’re highlighting three amazing opportunities to help her in her life-long journey.

Summer Camp Employment: Maybe she went to came every year when she was younger, and now she has the opportunity to help run it! We are now hiring seasonal camp staff for the summer of 2017. We’re looking for mature, creative, enthusiastic teamplayers, who have a passion for the outdoors to help us make this year’s camp season the best it can be.

Check out the full list of job opportunities here.

Bonus opportunities: Girls who work hard to grow and learn may be interested in a few outside challenges and contests to show their innovative and disruptive minds. We have two opportunities for girls interested in science and computer science, which ask how they can wield these fields to tackle social issues and make a positive change.

Check out all available Bonus Opportunities

Citizen Preparedness Corps: How would you properly prepare for any disaster? We’re holding a 2-hour training course on March 7 at our New Hartford Service Center to show you how. Always be prepared.

Participants will also be encouraged to get more involved in existing community-based emergency activities that may be organized through local schools, businesses or community-based organizations.

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4 Opportunities Where She Can Take the Lead and Learn


Leadership can take many forms in our public and private lives. We here at GSNYPENN want to make sure girls are comfortable taking the lead in every aspect of their professional and personal lives. We have several programs and opportunities coming up for Girl Scouts to learn about how they can be prepared to take the lead in unexpected situations.

Talk saves lives: Learn the risk factors and warning signs, how to talk directly with a person at risk, how to connect him/her with a mental health professional, and to dispel myths surrounding suicide and what we’ve learned from scientific research.

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Safe dating workshop: What does a good relationship look like? It’s an important question, which this program is equipped to answer. We will help teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships. Girls will begin to explore what constitutes healthy relationships, provide them with the skills and resources to help themselves or friends in abusive dating relationships, and work on positive communication and conflict resolution.

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Leaders in training: Spend this day at camp pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, and growing your leader voice!

This program is all about exploring your own leadership style and personality, along with learning how to work with other leadership styles and personalities.We will play many challenging team-building games to exercise our teamwork skills, and explore our leadership styles and personality through individualized quizzes and whole group activities.

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Become a Delegate: Get ready to ride the bus to Columbus Ohio to represent Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways at our national convention in October. We’re encouraging our most vocal Girl Scouts (14 years and older) to sign up to become delegates at this year’s National Convention. Deadline is midnight, February 3rd and you can fax or email in your registration.

Find out how you can lead our council and let your voice be heard through this special event.

Your Questions About Camp: Answered


This winter weather puts us in a mind to think of the warm days ahead: summer. For girls across our council (whether they are girl scouts or not), they have the opportunity to join us for a number of adventures. Camp registration will open February 1 and we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned!

Until that time, however, we have a few upcoming events parents might be interested in attending.

Come see our camps first-hand: We will be hosting two open houses with the option for an overnight stay at our Comstock and Trefoil properties. This is an opportunity for parents and their daughters to see camp and have all their questions about our facilities answered in this first-hand experience prior to the start of summer camp.

There will be traditional camp games, crafts, and activities which may including archery, boating, and hiking! Lunch is included!

Comstock open house- May 6

Trefoil open house- May 27

Camp Info Nights: If you don’t have time to go to come to one of our camp open houses, then come to one of our MANY camp information nights starting in March! Get all of your questions about summer camp answered. Families and troops alike are invited to join us in making a traditional camp snack, GORP, while you meet our camp directors, get to see our camp video, learn more about the facilities at our camps, what a typical week is like at camp, and how this summer’s new and improved program is going to work.

This informational session is perfect for new parents and campers, but also for returning campers who have questions about our new offerings for 2017.

Non-registered girls and adults are welcome to attend. This session is free of charge, however, participants must be pre-register due to limited space.

See the list of Camp Info Nights

Explore camp other ways: Don’t forget, our camps are open for special programs and troop reservations prior to the start of summer camp, so don’t miss out!

Check out our full list of programs and ways you can start having fun at camp now.

3 Things for Thursday: Discover the Adventures Near You

comstock adventure center cabins

Winter is a great time to discover more of the world, or even things you may have not known about in your own hometown. There’s so much to discover, and we want to help inspire you to think about taking on a new adventure.

Discover More: The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier in Binghamton is putting on a number of programs and events for Girl Scouts of all ages on January 28. Daisies and Brownies can learn how to think ahead when saving their pennies; Juniors can learn how to become savvy shoppers; or you can gather up your entire troop for a sleepover in the Discovery Center!

For more information check out The Discovery Center’s events page.

Let’s Go to Broadway! The Service Unit Manager in the Vestal area has put together a bus trip to NYC to see the Broadway show Aladdin on Sunday, February 12! She has 26 seats left and is opening it up to other Service Units.

If you have a non-registered friend that would like to go the cost is $140.

For more information or to get tickets email Kristen Duff at kduff@binghamton.edu.

Discover more (with a friend): Enjoy winter at our Comstock Adventure Center on February 5 with your favorite pal! We’ll go on a winter hike, make a winter craft, and warm up with some hot chocolate. If the weather permits, we can try out the cross country skis and snowshoes.

Sign up here.

For a full list of the events and programs going on throughout the NYPENN community, visit our website.

3 Things for Thursday: She Probably Won’t Learn About These Things in School


We’re all about creating learning opportunities for our Girl Scouts. We want to make sure they have the right tools to succeed. So, we’ve put together a few workshops for the young ladies within our council to prepare them as they progress forward in life and seek to shoulder more responsibilities.

  1. Retail 101: Learn what goes on behind the scenes at our retail store at the Oakdale Mall. This one hour class will show you how it all works: ordering and marking merchandise, stocking shelves, arranging displays, ringing a sale, and handling customer service.

You will get to have hands-on experience and meet with staff.

Even better, participating girls will receive an “It’s all about the business patch” and a 25% coupon to shop the store.

Register for this program (2/16)

  1. Talk Saves Lives: Learn the risk factors and warning signs, how to talk directly with a person at risk, how to connect him/her with a mental health professional, and to dispel myths surrounding suicide and what we’ve learned from scientific research.

Register for this program (3/22)

  1. Safe Dating Workshop: It’s time to raise awareness. The National and NYS Youth Risk Behavior Survey and other data indicate increasing trends in adolescent dating abuse. This program is indented to help raise awareness of the issue and equip teens with the skills and resources they need to have healthy relationships. Girl Scouts wants her to be able to recognize toxic situations in her own life, as well as other’s. We will also be working on positive communication and conflict resolution.Register for this program (2/22)

3 Things for Thursday: Here’s a Few Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Weekends

lake sunset trefoil
What do you want to get out of your weekends as we start the new year? Maybe you want to get outside of the house for a day (or more). The month of January may be cold, but we have something available for every weekend ahead.

1. STEM into the future: Get out to the Salmon Run Mall this weekend (Saturday, January 7) and entertain your inner scientist! Activities include:  Color Mixing Tops; Lava Cups; Exploding Popsicle Sticks; Catapult Building/Testing; Drawing Robots; 3D Shapes; Origami and Marble Maze. No registration necessary.

Find out more about this event

2. Go snowshoeing through Montezuma’s forests: Girl Scouts of all ages are invited to snowshoe through Montezuma’s forests and grasslands on Saturday, January 21. Learn how to read the stories left in the snow by their resident foxes, coyotes, rabbits, and birds. Have you ever wondered how cold-blooded critters survive in the winter? Discover where reptiles and amphibians hide during this season. After snowshoeing, girl Scouts can warm up with a delicious cup of hot cocoa in the Center!

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3. Spend a Winter Weekend at Trefoil: Enjoy a weekend of activities indoors and out from Friday, January 27- Sunday January 29. Girls will have an opportunity to experience STEM, an edible science experiment, arts and crafts, and traditional winter camp fun. Meals on Saturday and Sunday are provided. You are more than welcome to bring your own sleds, snowshoes, or cross country skis.

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Don’t see anything you like here, thankfully we have a larger list of events and programs on our website. Check it out.

3 Things for Thursday: This Video Continues to Remind Us Why We Became Girl Scouts

Before we go on holiday break, we’d like to leave you with three things to consider.

1. #ForTheGirl: This powerful film from our sisters over at Girl Guiding features the voices of well-known media personalities. The sad part is Girl Guiding said, “There were many voices to choose from. We’ve chosen just a handful. All from the last three years.”

2. Find adventure this winter: No matter the season our Adventure Centers are here! Pick the adventure that’s right for your troop based off of our event list or reserve a campsite and blaze your own trail. Whether it’s hiking or ziplining across the treetops at Trefoil, our camps are ready and waiting for your next outing!

We have a number of activities planned for 2017 at out Amahami, Comstock, Hoover, and Trefoil Adventure Centers.

Check out the full list of activities or find out how to reserve a campsite.

3. Raise your voice at the national level: We are seeking girl delegates to help represent the NYPENN community of Girl Scouts. We will be sending 12 Girl Scouts to the national convention on October 4-8th to Columbus, Ohio.

If you’d like to represent us and let your voice be heard, consider applying to become a delegate. Ask yourself: Are you able to expresses ideas and facts in a clear manner? See the bigger picture and think long-term? Then you might want to consider applying to become a delegate.

Apply here.