This Girl Scout Is Using Her Gold Award Project to Honor Local Heroes

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

gabby downsville face painting

Some people don’t realize a girl’s journey to their Gold Award isn’t just one project–it’s many. I met Girl Scout Ambassador Gabby at the Downsville Volunteer Fire Department Celebration where she had setup a facepainting booth. Her aim was to raise money at the event. The funds raised would be used to spruce-up the Wall of Honor shrine, which commemorates those who have graduated from Downsville School and gone on to serve in the military.

Gold Award Troops

She asked event-goers to write down names of any friends or family members who have graduated from the school and served.

She intends to replace the paper photos in the shrine with metal dog tags, each one representing someone who has served in the military. The tags would have the person’s name, years served, year of graduation from Downsville School, and military branch.

Gabby estimates the project will cost around $5,000 to complete. So, before she can order the materials or set to work on sprucing up the Wall of Honor at her school, she’s working on smaller fund-raising projects, like facepainting and bake sales.

Way to provide some amazing services to your community while also honoring the troops from your community, Gabby!

poster gold award

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This Girl Scout’s Gold Award Project May Help Save Lives

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

gold award-project

It takes someone who has really lived in a community to understand how to make it better. That’s what I learned when I met Emily Pattinson while she was working on her Gold Award project.

When selecting a Gold Award project, Girl Scouts are asked to meditate on how they could leave their community better than they found it. Emily’s project does just that (and it may even help save some lives in the process.)

She had setup a booth at the Downsville Fire Department Anniversary Celebration, making reflective address markers. The idea sounds simple, but it’s really an elegant solution to a big issue emergency responders face in rural neighborhoods. A reflective address marker is something most people don’t consider, but in the dead of night, on a rural stretch of road, a visible address makes a huge difference when there’s an emergency.

An officer at the event saw Emily’s booth and applauded her idea. He told us about a time when he was responding to a call and wound up driving right past the house; in the dead of night, he couldn’t make out the address.  He believed, had the homeowners had a reflective sign, he probably wouldn’t have missed the house the first time.

Emily was selling the signs for $10 a piece—enough to cover the costs of buying the materials—making them on-site for anyone at the event who wanted to purchase one.

What a thoughtful project!

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Delta Aquarids and Perseid: Two Meteor Showers You Won’t Want to Miss

Delta Aquarids and Perseid: Two Meteor Showers You Won’t Want to Miss

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

In the next few weeks, the people of Earth are front-row for some of the most spectacular space-based events we can observe (sans telescopes). This summer’s entertainment comes courteously of the Delta Aquarids and Perseid meteor showers.

The Delta Aquarids shower will peak tonight (Thursday July 28th) and tomorrow night. The best time to watch will be sometime between midnight and the wee hours of the morning. Skywatchers could see around 20 meteors per hour. However, this show will be better suited for those living in more southerly regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Slooh will also be livestreaming the event.

Not to fret, the Perseid meteor shower shines bright for the Northern Hemisphere. Perseid will be at its best for midnight viewing on August 10th where it’s estimated skywatchers could see 200 meteors per hour—quite a headliner. (It makes the Delta Aquarids look like a warm-up act.) The early mornings of August 11th, 12th, and 13th are also said to provide excellent viewing times with similar expectations to the August 10th show.

The best way to watch? Get out of town–away from the light pollution of any major city—find a nice clear patch of grass, look up, and wait. Meteors can be spotted once a minute or once every hour, depending on the event.

There are many more meteor showers throughout the year and EarthSkys has a wonderful guide to Earth’s most spectacular space-based shows. But of the showers, Perseid is counted as the most spectacular.

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3 Things for Thursday: Let’s Take a Walk Across the Universe

3 Things for Thursday: Let’s Take a Walk Across the Universe

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

Is there anything more mysterious than space? If you’re looking for some space-based adventures then look no further than this Three Things for Thursday post.

Stories of the Night Sky & Stargazing: Girls are invited learn about the story of the universe through hands-on actives, such as making a constellation key chain and star chart. Girls will even get a chance to “walk” through our solar system; we’ll do a planet walk to represent the distance of the planets from the sun. The program will conclude with moon and stargazing.

When: September 21, 6:30 PM

Where: 200 State Route 169 Little Falls, NY 13365

Register Here

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Here’s How One Girl Scout Used Her Gold Award Project to Build-Up Her Community

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator


A Girl Scout going for her Gold Award represents a huge moment in not only her life, but in the lives of the people around her. For Emily Murphy, a Girl Scout Ambassador, she wanted to find a way to promote fitness and community building.

The Gold Award allows girls to reflect on their community and connect to an issue in a personal way. It’s about finding a way to leave a place better than you found it.

Emily found her project in the repair of the Ellis Hollow Community Center playground (EHCC).

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Troop Tuesday – Troop 10029 & Troop 10860

Ride for Alive Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Lilly and Lily from Skaneateles, NY Troop 10029 and Jasmine from Troop 10860 shown handing out water at last Saturday’s Ride for Alive walk and run. Participants at the event can choose to walk 2 miles, run a 5K, or bike 10, 25, or 50 miles. The fundraising event benefits cancer survivors in New York State and beyond. The girls boosted spirits, cheering on runners and walkers and giving a boost with a cool cup of water.

Way to get involved with your community girls!

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Here’s a Girl Scouts Sleepover You Won’t Want to Miss


Registration for our annual Girl Scouts sleepover event Veni. Vidi. Vici! is now open.

The theme this year will be “Rock the Outdoors!” There will be a rockin’ dance party, obstacle course, and animal exhibit. Not to mention swimming, learning about insect with an Entomology expert, and lots more fun activities.

When: November 12-13

Where: 9499 Weston Rd, New Hartford, NY 13413

The event costs $35 for girls and adults, however, volunteers can attend for free. If you would like to volunteer for this event, click this link to register as a volunteer. All volunteers are required to give at least 4 hours of time.

Check out the events page for more information: