Here Are Some of Our Favorite Camp Memories

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Camp Memories

Camp is over, so we thought it would be nice to look back at some of our favorite camp memories from this summer.

Wishboat ceremony at Camp Comstock

The wishboats are made from found items in nature. It’s a quiet ceremony. And each wishboat represents a vessel carrying a girl’s hopes into the world.

Ropes course at the Nature Center during resident camp at Comstock

Climbing trees and walking a tight rope.

Riding the zipline at Camp Trefoil

Take a ride between the trees!

Reaching the top of Phelps Mountain during the backpacking trip during Trefoil Resident Camp

Reaching the peak and realizing the vast mountains still left to conquer.

Learning what it takes to be a leader during Camp CEO

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3 Things for Thursday: How to Help Those in Louisiana

3 Things for Thursday: How to Help Those in Louisiana

The flooding in Louisiana has left many living in the affected parts shaken, and homeless, starting over with little or no amenities. If you would like to help our Girl Scout sisters in the south who have been affected by this disaster, consider one of these three options.

Send a gift card: If you would like to help the Girl Scout troops and individual Girl Scouts who have lost their uniforms, books, and/or meeting supplies in the flood, consider purchasing a gift card from the Girl Scouts Louisiana East online shops, which will be distributed to troops/girls in need.

Send kind words: A note of encouragement is worth a lot. Consider mailing kind words to Girl Scouts Louisiana East, Regional Service Center, 545 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Please note: These letters may be scanned and shared through GSLE’s social media pages.

Send donations: You can donate directly to the Girl Scouts of Louisiana East.

Already putting together a care package to help the victims of the flooding in Louisiana? Share your story of giving with us. Email information and photos to

Here’s How Camp CEO Helped Girls Find Their True Colors

Here’s How Camp CEO Helped Girls Find Their True Colors

By Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

Camp CEO just finished up this weekend and with it girls walked away from a fun weekend full of fun activities and an introspective learning experience.

This camp is different from most–I mean, it has a name which may resonate more with parents than with kids. But despite this barrier, I had a chance to meetup with many girls who have made Camp CEO their yearly, weekend retreat in August.

But like many of the girls attending Camp CEO for the first time, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But I walked away with a much clearer understanding of its value to young girls.

At its core, this program is meant to show girls that they can lead in a fun, safe environment. Being in a leadership role is a heavy task and requires a person to understand the people their working with as well as themselves.

Rather than lecturing the girls about these lessons, the mentors asked them to experience the value through listening exercises and tests to discover themselves. One of these exercises was True Colors:

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NASA Just Made Sure the Future of Scientific Inquiry Will Be Available to Everyone

NASA Just Made Sure the Future of Scientific Inquiry Will Be Available to Everyone

By Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

NASA has made all of its publicly funded research available online for free. This move will have a huge impact on the future study of science.

“Making our research data easier to access will greatly magnify the impact of our research,” Ellen Stofan, NASA’s Chief Scientist, said in a statement. “As scientists and engineers, we work by building upon a foundation laid by others.”

Scientific discovery hinges on collaboration. We progress because of the work others have done before us. However, despite being in a digital age where bulk information is inexpensive to store, a majority of it still sits behind subscription services and paywalls. However, NASA has pushed down its wall, allowing researchers–no matter their wealth– to access publicly funded works (so long as it’s not sensitive to national security).

That means, access to the latest studies on Martian Tsunamis, effects of space on hair follicles, and how a dried plum diet may prevent bone loss from space radiation will all be available to future generations looking to learn and build upon these studies. It’s this kind of open access that will help grow inquisitive minds.  All this research can be accessed through PubSpace.

This move has the potential to affect more than just NASA.

You see, subscription services, like Elsevier put up paywalls to essential research—some studies dating back to Darwin require people to have a credit card handy in order to read them. But convenient open online access to research may win the day thanks to efforts from NASA and Alexandra Elbakyan.

You may not recognize her by name, but she has become a celebrity within the research space. She’s researcher from Kazakhstan and her claim to fame was building Sci-Hub; known by some as the “Pirate Bay” of science. She’s been called the Robin Hood of Science for her creation of this site.


“This was a game changer,” writes Simon Oxenham. “Before September 2011, there was no way for people to freely access paywalled research en masse; researchers like Elbakyan were out in the cold. Sci-Hub is the first website to offer this service and now makes the process as simple as the click of a single button.”

Her efforts have assured that the future of scientific research includes everyone—not just those able to attend a prestigious school or with a large bank account.

“At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications,” said NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman in the press release. “Through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air and space.”

Troop 20368 Turns Enchanted Forest Water Safari Tickets into a Camp Outing

Troop 20368 Turns Enchanted Forest Water Safari Tickets into a Camp Outing

Troop leader Danielle Biro writes: Girl Scouts from Troop 20368 of Barneveld, NY decided to turn their rewards of Enchanted Forest Water Safari tickets into a camping outing!


The Juniors of the troop earned their Camping Badge and enjoyed teaching the younger Girl Scouts some awesome Girl Scout traditions, as part of their bridging requirements. We cannot wait to put our camping badge to good use in the future!

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Her Adventure Had Her Exploring the Outdoors Abroad with a Girl Scout Destination!

Her Adventure Had Her Exploring the Outdoors Abroad with a Girl Scout Destination!

By: Kim Dunne, Marketing and Communications Manager


It’s an opportunity not many people are offered. Traveling abroad not as a vacation but as a service opportunity giving back to those less fortunate.

For Greta Lorey, a 16-year-old Girl Scout from Corning, it is an experience that she will never forget. She was able to visit both Costa Rica and Panama.

On the Girl Scout Destination last month she traveled to Talamanca in Costa Rica where she spent about a week, with other Girl Scouts from around the world, painting three of the buildings at a school they stayed at while lorey4there. They also worked on building a shower and laying the foundation for a new building. She spent a lot of time with the kids there, playing soccer and talking in Spanish to them as well as exploring the community and getting to know the community members.

The next week the group traveled to San San in Panama where they stayed at a turtle hatchery where the girls walked the beeches for about three or four hours every night looking for turtle eggs. It wasn’t all hard work. The girls also enjoyed canoeing, ziplining through the canopy of Costa Rica and going to local markets. They also tried white water rafting!


“I learned a lot about the people, animals and environment of Costa Rica and Panama,” Greta said. “I learned how to work with new people and encounter new and possibly difficult situations.”

When asked how Girl Scouts prepared her to go on this Destination she stated: “Through my troop and Girl Scout camp I gained appreciation for the outdoors as well as a comfort with it. That and the skills Girl Scouts gave me about living in the outdoors helped me greatly because our accommodations on this Destination were not amazing, but because of the skills Girl Scouts gave me, they were not a problem. Girl Scouts also gave me the desire to try and experience new things and to work through possibly difficult situations.

Greta says these Girl Scout Destinations are amazing opportunities for girls and encourages other girls to take part.

“I gained so much new knowledge as well as new friends and I met some amazing people. I am so thankful Girl Scouts allowed me to have this experience and am endlessly grateful.”


To find out more about Girl Scout Destinations, click here.

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3 Things for Thursday: Discover the Science of Happiness, Healthy Living, and More

3 Things for Thursday: Discover the Science of Happiness, Healthy Living, and More

By Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

Discover the science in our everyday lives with one of three (or all) of these programs. The Roberson Museum is putting on a number of fun lessons this fall for girls of all ages and the three highlighted below are just a few of many going on in the months to come.

The Science of Healthy Living (Sat., October 8)

Learn the science behind eating well, how to fuel your body and how diet can affect your daily life. Learn about staying fit and lowering stress through this fun and active program! Healthy living patch included.

Eating for Beauty (Sat., October 15)

Eating well helps keep you healthy inside and out! In this program participants will explore how choosing the right foods can make your skin glow, help you sleep better, keep your energy focused, and your mind flowing!

Science of Happiness (Sat., November 12)

Participants will take what they’ve learn and create a happiness experiment for their  friends and family–all with the goal of making the world a happier place! Science of happiness badge included.

If you’re looking for more things to do in the NYPENN community, check out our running list of programs.