There’s an Important Vote Happening This Tuesday. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

There’s an Important Vote Happening This Tuesday. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

This Tuesday (November 29) we all become philanthropists. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are all about getting, and Giving Tuesday is all about, well, giving.

On this day you get to vote again, this time with your dollar! People across the nation have a chance to give toward organizations who are making things happen in and around our communities. We ask you to consider giving to the Girl Scouts of NYPENN, an organization which has been building girls of courage, confidence, and character for over 100 years.

Why Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouts is all about making change at the local level. You may have even benefited from the work of a Girl Scouts in your community, like Emily from Downsville whose project will help first responders save lives. There’s also the girls of troop 20354 who are continuing a conservation out in Little Falls and the young ladies of troop 10092 who helped deliver fresh food to local pantries from their own garden. Wherever you live the Girl Scouts are there acting as the helping hands of local communities beautifying parks, helping those in need, and leading projects that seek to make life better for everyone.

They are the public servants of our towns, which is why we’re asking people to give locally. A donation will help ensure girls across the NYPENN council have the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. It will help send a girl to camp, participate in an event, travel abroad, or fund a community project. Please.

Give Today!

Or consider Starting a Troop and enrich the lives of girls in your area.

Girl Scout Troop 20354 is Keeping Up an Important Relief Effort

Girl Scout Troop 20354 is Keeping Up an Important Relief Effort

At its core, the Girl Scouts is about leaving a place better than we found it. Girl Scout troop 20354 out in Little Falls has been working hard toward their Bronze Award, which touches on the subject of conservation.

“[They] recently went to the Herkimer Home to place birdhouses in the back fields to help rejuvenate the American Bluebird population,” Troop Leader Holly Pelzer wrote. “Also the Herkimer home gets birdwatchers from the area that will be able to enjoy the birds that habitat the houses.”

As far as conservation status, the American Bluebird has been move to “Least Concern.” It’s because of continued efforts, like those of Troop 20354, which help it remain that way. Today, the American Bluebird populations have been on the rise, up from a dramatic decline in the early 20th Century when new species were being introduced to the North American Continent, such as European Starlings and House Sparrows. These species made nest holes difficult for bluebirds to hold onto.

In the 1960s and 1970s, efforts to provide relief to this bird from the unnatural selection humans had brought helped breathe new life into a population verging on extinction. The establishment of bluebird trails and nest box campaigns have helped reduce competition from non-native species and led to a thriving population.

If you want to learn more about birds and other conservation efforts, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a sanctuary where people can go to observe these creatures, which make up such an important part of our ecosystem.

We want to know what our Girl Scouts are up to. Email photos and a short description to Natalie Shoemaker @

Troop Tuesday: Diaper Drive

Troop Tuesday: Diaper Drive

Troop #10494 has done amazing work. They raised $285 in donations plus 3,296 diapers for a total of 6,146 diapers donated to the CNY Diaper Bank–that’s a month’s worth of diaper assistance to 120 babies. This was all done in fun Girl Scout fashion–at a service unit pajama party!

Troop Leader Sonja Rizzo said, “The troop also received about 200 items for the FM food bank which is outstanding as well.”

Your troop could make a difference to families in need right now! Learn how:

Want to be featured in a Troop Tuesday? Email photos and a short description to Natalie Shoemaker @



3 Things for Thursday: Seeking Delegates, a Special Volunteer Promotion, and More

3 Things for Thursday: Seeking Delegates, a Special Volunteer Promotion, and More

This edition of Three Things we set our sights (mostly) on 2017–the future of Girl Scouts.

We need Girl Scouts to represent! In October 2017 in Ohio, there will be a meeting of the councils. Every three years, members from each council in Girl Scouts of the USA gather to conduct business on a national scale. Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways will send between 6 and 12 national delegates to the October 4-8, 2017 National Convention to attend the festivities and represent us at the National Council Meeting.

If you’re interested in applying for the position, sign-up here.

Refer a friend, change more girls’ lives—everybody wins. We’re introducing a special promotion just for volunteers. Now through December 15, 2016, invite a friend to volunteer with Girl Scouts and…

  • You get $50 to spend at Girl Scouts’ official online store—sweet!
  • Your friend gets awesome resources (a $50 value!) to help them get their troop up and running—so cool!
  • Plus, when you double the friends, you double your prize…

$100 for you and a Volunteer Resource Pack for each friend—awesome.

Offer ends December 15, 2016.

Find out more about the program here.

There’s less than three weeks left to register for Cookie Convention 2017! This year’s Cookie Convention will be bigger and better than ever! New venue, exciting new vendors, new activities and events! Whether this is your first Girl Scout Cookie Sale or an experienced top seller, Cookie Convention is the best way to get the season started right.

*Please note: IF YOU are VOLUNTEERING, you don’t pay the $10 fee. Those volunteering for Cookie Convention must sign up with the SignUp Genius page instead of on ebiz.

Sign up for Cookie Convention.

Troop Tuesday: Bread Run

Troop Tuesday: Bread Run

Fabius Brownie Troop 10179 could be seen volunteering at the CNY Bread Run this year (their first). The race can be run as a Half Marathon, 5K, or Fun Run. These Girl Scouts stood by to help cheer on racers and hand out some much-needed refreshments.


Want to be featured in a Troop Tuesday? Email photos and a short description to Natalie Shoemaker @

3 Things for Thursday: Why She’s Looking to You

3 Things for Thursday: Why She’s Looking to You

This election has us thinking a lot about leadership and how we, as adults, are now given the task of answering question about what’s happening in the world around us. It’s a heavy burden to decide how we frame these events—objectively or not—because what we say will no doubt influence how these young women and girls perceive events moving forward.

We hope to provide some guidance in the weeks ahead to help you prepare for the role you have to fulfill.

Remembering those who fought for our rights: During times of great stress, it’s wonderful to unite under the common perspective of history, namely Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Both suffragists who fought to secure the right to vote for women and African Americans.

Many in Rochester paid their respects to both of them on Election Day.

Leadership Essentials: Volunteers looking to go further in their planning and mentoring should consider signing up for our Leadership Essentials workshop on November 19th in Afton, NY. If you are unable to make it to this workshop, don’t worry! We hold many of these workshops throughout the year in many different locations in the NYPENN region.

Sign up today!

Day Camp Director Training: Looking to start a day camp in your local area? Then this brand-new training is for you! Come participate in this training to learn all of the tips and tricks for running your own Service Unit Day Camp. From logistical planning, to planning activities, to health and safety–this training has it all, and will leave you feeling prepared and excited!

Sign up for the workshop in Cicero on December 3

Sign up for the workshop in Cicero on February 4

Girl Scout Troop 40181 Chooses the Next President

Girl Scout Troop 40181 Chooses the Next President

The most interesting part of this 2016 Election has been the discussions between Girl Scouts and their parents and troop leaders. Questions should always be encouraged–this is an important and wonderful part of living in a democracy. so, I’d like to highlight how troop leader Erin Rouse used the 2016 Election to empower the voices of her Brownie Troop 40181.

“At tonight’s meeting, which happened to be the evening before Election Day 2016, the girl’s learned the basics of Elections,” she wrote to us an email. “We talked about the process… starting from registering at age 18 to visiting a polling place on Election Day.”

They discussed the significance of the vote for women, in particular, Erin wrote, “We talked about the 19th amendment and Susan B. Anthony.” The girls also learned what a ballot is and how all the votes are tallied up, which all help determine the next President.

As a fun exercise, Erin had the girls voice who they would want to be the next President. “We set up a mock Presidential election and the girls went through the process ending with their votes on who they want to be our next president,” Erin wrote. “Our winner was Hillary Clinton! 5 to 1.”

Erin is hoping to continue educating her Girl Scouts about the political process well after the Election. “We are going to look into visiting the Susan B. Anthony house in Rochester in the near future, as well as the Woman’s rights museum in Seneca Falls.”

As Girl Scouts, we are public servants, committed to using the many to make change at a local level. The Presidency, represents the ultimate commitment to serving the people, but on a national and sometimes global scale.

What do your Girl Scouts think of this 2016 Election? How have you used it to discuss the democratic process?